8 Best Business Laptops in 2021

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In this age of new work from home culture, you need the best business laptops that can do more than just sending emails and connecting to the internet. They also need to have some advanced features and be reliable, sturdy, and compact to use anywhere. 

In general, if you are into a business, it is uncertain that you will be using your laptop in your office only. Some businesses keep you on the road half the time, while others need high output and a large number of presentations every day. Thus, having a reliable business laptop as your workstation can transform a lousy day at work into a productive day.

The best business laptops offer a balance between long battery life, memory storage, and processing power. They are relatively easy to repair and upgrade than consumer laptops. These work-oriented business laptops have similar basic components as regular consumer laptops. But business-laptops manufacturers include some special features to meet business needs. They offer advanced features such as biometrics for high-level security and rugged chassis and keyboards. They feature Intel-vPro-certified networking and Trusted Platform Module support for safe access. And they are made of durable and sturdy material for frequent use and to hold them well while traveling.

The best business laptop is the brains of your entire business line up. Picking the right business laptop for your workplace is quite a task. But it means you have got all the excellent features to power you through all your important assignments. With a lot of business laptop options available in the market, you need to understand the selecting parameters for a business laptop. It will help you to make the right decision. 

What to look for while choosing the best business laptop?

  • Performance: While making an important presentation or editing a long spreadsheet, you can not afford to struggle with your laptop. So you need to have a minimum of 8 GB of memory, a 256 GB SSD, and a tenth-generation Intel Core processor for good performance. 
  • An Extensive Keyboard: All Business laptops should have a comprehensive keyboard with layouts and key travel to ease its use over long periods. To use a keyboard in dark or dim light, always prefer a luminous backlight in it. 
  • A great touchpad: Although business laptops are sturdy, they would not be able to survive you tossing them at a wall because of touchpad frustrations. That’s why we prefer Microsoft Precision Touchpads in a business laptop. They are accurate and compatible with Windows 10 multitouch trackpad gestures. 
  • A 1080p 14-inch screen: For editing large documents, it is always pleasant and comfortable to work on a 14-inch screen business laptop. Although they are a little heavier than the 13-inch ones, a wider screen is always better to work for long hours. Also, the screen should have a resolution of 1080p to keep text and images sharp. It will also help to improve viewing angles and color accuracy. If you go for higher resolutions than 1080p, they will only eat your battery life without providing you an extra benefit. 
  • A broad range of ports: Business laptops with a mix of old and new ports are always the best choice to get maximum flexibility. It should have at least one USB-C port to link external devices such as monitors or other accessories and to charge the laptop. It should also have a USB-A port to connect hard drives and printers. Lastly, an HDMI port to connect to an external screen. 
  • Good battery life: You are going to use your business laptops for long hours. And to avoid charging them again and again, it should have good battery life. The battery life of at least eight hours is enough for a full 9-to-5 working day, and time spent at the airport lounge.
  • Appropriate size and weight: Business laptops are larger and heavier than consumer laptops. It is due to their sturdier built and extra components. But the best business laptop should weigh between 3.5 and 4 pounds for portable use.
  • Upgradable and Repairable: When technology is changing at a fast pace every day, it is important to have a business laptop that can upgrade with time. Also, it should be designed in a way that it can be opened and serviced easily. The laptop should allow you to replace the keyboard and other components without taking the entire thing apart.
  • A Competitive price: Typically, a Business laptop is more expensive than a consumer laptop. Prices of good business laptops fluctuate depending on the various discounts and coupon codes. But you can expect to get a good business laptop between $800 and $1,000. But with easy upgrade and repair, a business laptop can provide you a good long-term value despite the high cost.
  • An Infra-Red camera and a fingerprint reader: Most business laptops allow a fingerprint reader to scan your fingerprints while logging in. And some offer IR cameras to scan your face. This makes your login completely secure to avoid data-stealing or any digital crimes. And with the latest technology improvements and Windows 10 Hello feature it is now more reliable than it used to be.

Which are the best business laptops?

  • The best business laptop overall-HP EliteBook 840 G7

The HP EliteBook 840 G7 has almost everything that everyone looks for in a business laptop. With good performance, a convenient keyboard, and a trackpad, it is the best business laptop for all professionals out there. It has a good-looking 14-inch screen with 1080p resolution and all the USB and HDMI ports to hook up all your accessories and external monitors.

Its compact and thin size is perfect to be slipped into your office bag and has an excellent battery life that will last a full day long. It also comes with DIY upgrades that are more cost-effective than ordering them from HP. The EliteBook 840 G7 is Undoubtedly a little expensive, but you may save some of your money on future upgrades and repairs.

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  • The Thinner and lighter business laptop-Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8

The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 8 impresses us with its lightweight and compact design. It is super easy to upgrade and repair and offers a wide selection of ports. With all these features, its battery life is still better than other business laptops. However, the lighter weight comes with a few drawbacks. For starters, it does not include an SD or microSD card reader. It also has an absence of an Ethernet port and a non-upgradeable memory. But if you want a larger memory, you can always go for 16 GB of RAM instead of 8 GB RAM. It will help you to open multiple browser tabs, edit photos, or work in large spreadsheets.

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  • The best budget-friendly business laptop-HP ProBook 445 G7

The HP ProBook 445 G7 is the best business laptop that will not hurt your pocket yet delivers the best performance. With the lower price(almost half of the EliteBook 840 G7), it’s AMD Ryzen 5 processor is best for processor-intensive work. So you can enjoy light gaming and video editing at a faster speed. It comes with a solid keyboard and trackpad and offers upgradable memory.

It is equipped with AMD Radeon Graphics and has room for two distinct storage drives. But Weight-wise, it is on the heavier side like all budget business laptops. The battery life it offers is also okay, and it does not include an IR camera or a fingerprint reader. However, if you are willing to pay more, you can add either or both of them.

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  • Best 2-in-1 business laptop: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

This one is best for Business professionals who love the practicality of a traditional business laptop and the convenience of a tablet too. It is a 2-in-1 laptop that can work as a traditional laptop for regular work or as a tablet to design projects with the Surface Pen. It comes with front and rear cameras with 1080p HD video streaming quality to record crisp and clear pictures. The Surface Pro 7 also features both ports-USB-C and USB-A – and Bluetooth connectivity. It also includes a microSD card reader to transfer files from other devices such as a camera. 

With a battery life of up to 10.5 hours on a single charge, this 2-in-1 also offers customizable memory choices with RAM: 4 to 16GB and an SSD: 128GB to 1TB. And It comes with a bonus feature of facial recognition technology for logging in with Windows Hello to ensure safety. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3" Touch-Screen - 10th Gen Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 256GB SSD(Latest Model) – Matte Black (PUV-00016)

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  • Next-gen, best-in-class laptop with the versatility of a studio and tablet, so you can type, touch, draw, write, work, and play more naturally
  • Faster than Surface Pro 6, with a 10th Gen Intel Core Processor – redefining what’s possible in a thin and light computer.
  • More ways to connect, with both USB-C and USB-A ports for connecting to displays, docking stations and more, as well as accessory charging
  • Standout design that won’t weigh you down — ultra-slim and light Surface Pro 7 starts at just 1.70 pounds
  • All-day battery life up to 10.5 hours, plus the ability to go from empty to full faster — about 80% in just over an hour
  • The Best value business laptop: HP ZBook G5

The HP ZBook G5 is a worthy investment with multiple features that anyone would love to have in a business laptop. It features a 4K UHD display that provides an almost full Adobe RGB color range to provide excellent picture quality. The HP ZBook G5 is embedded with an 8th generation Intel core processor to provide great performance for everyday work, graphic designing, and gaming.

It offers Bluetooth connectivity and comes with multiple ports such as Thunderbolt 3 ports, USB 3.1 inputs, and HDMI ports. So it offers plenty of ways to connect mice, external memory, and secondary displays. It is also equipped with a fingerprint reader for secure logging in. Plus, it has a battery life of up to 17 hours with a single charge.

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  • The most stylish business laptop: HP Elite Dragonfly

If you are looking for something stylish and practical, the HP Elite Dragonfly is the best option to consider. It features a magnesium chassis with a bright blue finish for maximum durability and a classy look. It has a backlit keyboard that is ultra-quiet and spill-resistant while a glass touchpad for smooth operation. It comes with a 13.3-inch touchscreen display with a full 1080p HD resolution for a comfortable working and a clear view. For a better listening experience, it is equipped with a four-speaker array with audio drivers from Bang and Olufsen. Beyond looks, this business laptop is also environmentally conscious. HP uses recycled materials like ocean-bound plastics to make 82 percent of its laptop’s mechanical parts.

Inside the chassis, you will find a generation 8th Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB RAM, and an SSD of 256GB. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, Elite dragonfly also provides a connection to fast LTE cellular networks by inserting a SIM card in the given slot. The laptop also has a fingerprint reader and facial recognition software for enhanced safety. With a battery life of up to 13 hours, the elite dragonfly is indeed the best business laptop having beauty with brains.

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  • Best for Apple Users: MacBook Pro 16-Inch

If you are an Apple user and do not want to switch to another brand, MacBook Pro is the one for you. With each new MacBook introduced by Apple, there is improved processing power, graphics, and memory storage. And MacBook Pro is no exception. With a 16-inch wide retina display for UHD(Ultra-high-definition) quality, it also has unparalleled support for many colors. It also comes with Thunderbolt 3 inputs to connect a maximum of two 6K displays for an excellent workstation.

It also features customizable memory and lets you choose between an Intel i7 or i9 processor for better performance. With a battery life of up to 11 hours, it is also great for working travelers. The laptop comes with the T2 security chip for data encryption to protect your personal and work data against unapproved access. For extensive security, the MacBook Pro also features a fingerprint Touch ID sensor to sign in.

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  • Best for Travel: Asus ExpertBook B9450

The Asus ExpertBook B9450 is perfect for business professionals who are on-the-go for business. With an amazing battery life of up to 24 hours on a single charge, the Asus expert book will let you work the whole day worrying about the battery. Apart from good battery life, it also features a quick charge of 60 percent in just 39 minutes.

It comprises a 14-inch wide body that weighs only 2.1 pounds, making it tiny and lightweight enough to slip into your backpack or laptop bag. It is highly sturdy and comes with customizable memory options. For a safe sign in, it has an IR camera(for facial recognition) and a fingerprint reader.

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Everything said and done. Now that you have gone through all the business laptops we have found for you, it would be easy to pick one that matches your needs and expectations. Whether you are buying for yourself or your employees, a great business laptop will provide a healthy and efficient work environment. So go ahead, choose one and have a happy working with these amazing business laptops. Do check out our detailed shopping guides and make the best buying decisions according to your needs.

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