21 Best Gifts For New Mums

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Becky was in her last month for delivery, and I was travelling to outskirts for an official meet up. I was fully packed up with the monthly targets. Just was finished with a meeting on the weekend and got the news that Becky gives birth to an amazing girl. I was so excited and restless about being there with that little angel in my arms. I call Becky to spread the word. I make arrangements to visit as soon as I can.

I just put all my weekends and meetings on hold that day. But the excitement of the news wears off pretty quickly when I realize that I have to select a unique gift for new mum and I have no clue what to get. Ahh too much to opt from, damn confusing, and making it hard to select the best gift for newborn baby and mother.

I know this situation all too well as there has been a newborn boom recently amongst our friends, family, and co-workers. As a result, I made a comprehensive list of best gifts for new mums and their babies, and it’s no easy feat.

To choose the best gifts for new mum and newborn baby, we like to follow a few rules:

  1. Assume that the cute newborn Baby and mom already has all of the necessities beautifully organized in their nursery, awaiting their arrival home. 
  2. Assume that they will be gifted plenty of receiving/stroller blankets, stuffed animals, and a Sophie the Giraffe (or two).
  3. Whenever possible, personalize. What newborn mom could resist a gift with their baby’s name plastered all over it?

But precisely what do you get a baby and mom that already has everything before even leaving the womb? This guide will give you some fresh inspiration to select some unique gifts for new moms.

Best gifts for postpartum (new) mums

1. Freshly Moms Gift Box:

If you are looking to pamper a new mom with some delectable snacks and meal-kits, look no further than this postpartum gift box from Freshly Moms.
The nourishing selection of organic products in this box are crafted for newborn moms, whether she is breastfeeding or not. The box contains five meal-kits (hot cereal), two snacks, and a jar of adapt genic golden milk. Designed by a professional chef and a certified nutritionist, this new mum gift box will provide essential nutrition to the mom while being exceptionally delicious.

To buy: Freshly Moms Gift Box

2.  EufySpaceview Baby Monitor:

This baby monitor is not compatible with your Wi-Fi network or your smartphone. Instead, it broadcasts an HD video stream to the included 5-inch wireless tablet. Sounds old-fashioned, but that non-online design removes the possibility of creepy internet hacks. In the meantime, you can pan and tilt remotely, for a full view of the nursery. The monitor includes crying alerts, too. This one’s garnered kudos from a beautiful array of online reviewers, including Wirecutter and Wired. And don’t mind the unfamiliar name: Eufy is a brand of Anker, one of our favourite upstart accessory makers. This offline baby monitor makes itself a great gift for newborn baby and mother. 


Baby Monitor, eufy Security Spaceview S Video Monitor, Peace of Mind for New Moms, 5 inch LCD Display, 110° Wide-Angle Lens Included, 720p HD, Lullaby Mode, Night Vision, Day-Long Battery, Crib Mount

$169.99  in stock
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as of April 15, 2021 4:56 pm


  • See Up To 87% More: The large 5" 720p display shows a sharp picture with 10 times more detail than ordinary 240p-display baby monitors.
  • Wide-Angle Lens Included: No need to purchase another lens. When your baby starts to crawl or run around, just attach the extra lens to expand the view to 110°
  • Sleep Soundly: Choose from 5 popular lullabies to help put your little one to bed
  • Whole-Room Coverage: Pan the lens 330° to see corner-to-corner and tilt 110° to see floor to ceiling
  • Real-time Broadcast plus Instant Alerts: Stay within the 460ft coverage area to get live video feeds, and receive instant alerts the moment when your baby starts crying

3. Aura Digital Frames

Aura makes gorgeous, living room-worthy frames that are the one of the unique gifts for new moms. Not only is the frame super easy to set up and use, but it also comes in a gift-worthy box that is so beautifully packaged you don’t even need to wrap it. Add photos ahead of time using the Aura app, and surprise someone special with personalized memories on their frame as soon as they set it up. Not to mention the super high-res, auto-brightness adjusting display means your photos always look their best. 

Named as Oprah’s Favorite Thing two years in a row, Aura’s just-launched Mason collection features an interactive touch bar, voice assistance, and unlimited storage.

To buy:  Aura Digital Frames

4. Mother Mother Aromatherapy Inhaler

Mother Mother refillable aluminum aromatherapy inhaler provides much-needed support to a newborn mom from the first trimester to motherhood.

You can choose from 3 blends – nausea support blend for morning sickness relief, labor support blend for reducing anxiety and encouraging contractions, and calm energy blend for stressful moments and encourage relaxation, or you may get an unscented one to add your essential oil! It’s one of the best for postpartum moms as it helps you heal and get the body recovered from the postpartum effects on the body.

To buy: Mother Mother Aromatherapy Inhaler

5. Matrescence Brightening Essence

The Rose Glow Brightening Essence is a nourishing and refreshing concentrate that instantly reveals a brighter, more vibrant glow by effortlessly dissolving impurities and dead skin while soothing redness and blotchiness.

It’s safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and free of any harmful chemicals or hormone disrupters. The gift receiver will thank you for an instant “wake up and glow”. It can be one of the great option for pampering their skin. Thus it makes it a one of the good gifts for new moms.

To buy: Matrescence Brightening Escence

6. Tote Savvy Deluxe

Give the gift of organization this holiday season! Moms have an ever-increasing number of items in their handbags, especially when they just return to work. ToteSavvy seamlessly slips into totes, handbags, and backpacks for optimal organization, bringing a bit more order, and a lot calmer to her day. Expertly designed pockets fit the everyday essentials she grabs for most. It can easily be the one of the best gifts for new mums which provides a huge convenience in day to day life.

To buy:  Tote Savvy Deluxe

7. Online Prenatal Yoga Classes

Looking to gift something ‘active’ to a pregnant friend? Check out these 4 one hour online prenatal yoga classes offering the perfect balance of an invigorating vinyasa, juicy seated poses & quiet meditation to connect to the baby. 

The Receiver will get access to 4 videos for two months of streaming.

It can be one of the best gifts for postpartum moms as you’re contributing actively to the health of your loved one.

To buy:  Online Prenatal Yoga Classes

8 Olivia + Ocean Swimwear for Moms

Olivia + Ocean’s mission is to empower and support every newborn mom who has struggled to get in a swimsuit post-baby. Their luxury compression fabric and thoughtful design provide the support moms want, in all the right places. Olive + Ocean swimwear is printed, manufactured, and hand-finished in Los Angeles, supporting the local economy. 

All in all the huge problem which this swimwear solves, surely makes it a unique gift for new moms.

With an Olivia + Ocean e-gift card, the lucky mom can choose her favourite swimwear and get one for her mini!

To buy: Olivia + Ocean Swimwear for Moms

9. The Birth Journal

Birth stories are compelling, magical, and simply incredible and The Birth Journal gives mamas a space to connect to all that beauty in the nostalgic magic of their handwriting. A guided keepsake journal for mamas to write their birth story, The Birth Journal is one of the most unique gifts for new moms gifts. You’ll give her the gift of writing her birth story and legacy… one she can pass on to her newborn baby.

To buy: The Birth Journal

10. The Dairy Fairy – Intimates for Mama’s Milk

While it’s known that breast milk is the best source of essential nutrients, sometimes the process of breastfeeding can be tricky, especially for a mama that has to go back to work, or has latch difficulties. Enter The Dairy Fairy. 

The Dairy Fairy all-in-one bras offer newborn moms a feminine, comfortable and efficient tool for nursing and pumping that elevates their style game and helps them pump, store, and feed that liquid gold. The value proposition of this product makes it a best gift for postpartum moms.

To buy: The Dairy Fairy

11. MiliMili Mama Mini Set

One thing that every newborn mom needs? Sleep. And one hairstyle that ever mom wears? The top bun. Gift your newborn mama some style and zzzs this holiday season with the Mama Mini set from MiliMili. This set features their silky soft power nap eye mask and scrunchie, both handmade by local Los Angeles moms from the extra fabric leftover from the company’s sleep sack production. And for the holidays MiliMili will be throwing in some matching washable breast pads with every Mama Mini purchase! 

To buy:  MiliMili Mama Mini Set

12. Tiny Tags personalized necklace

Tiny tags make personalized jewelry, which is great for mamas who want to wear jewelry that tells the world about special blessings or the people and dates they never want to forget. Newborn moms love necklaces engraved with the names of their newborn, and it can make it a unique gift for new moms. All Tiny Tags pieces are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee.

To buy: Tiny Tags Personalized Necklace

13. Bumpin’ – The Modern Guide to Pregnancy

Looking for the perfect mum to be presents for your loved ones? Written in real-time, with the humour, warmth, and wisdom of your best friend, first-time mom, and entrepreneur, Leslie Schrock shares the realities of fertility issues, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum in BUMPIN’: The Modern Guide to Pregnancy. Infused with compassion and humor throughout, Schrock includes the most recent scientific research, the nitty-gritty details of pregnancy, and the challenges she experienced along the way to give parents everything they need to know to make the best decisions for themselves and their baby, from the preparations of “trimester zero” to the challenging newborn months!

The way this guide deals with all aspects of pregnancy makes it one of the most amazing first time mother gifts

Bumpin': The Modern Guide to Pregnancy: Navigating the Wild, Weird, and Wonderful Journey From Conception Through Birth and Beyond

$11.59  in stock
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as of April 15, 2021 4:56 pm

14. Voluspa Japonica Macaron Candle Set

After a long day of feeding and diaper changes, and there’s nothing more zen-like than lighting a scented candle and settling in for a sleepless night full of Netflix and, of course, more feedings and diaper changes. Help mom takes the edge off with an aromatic candle that spruces up her living space.

To buy: Voluspa Japonica Macaron Candle Set

15. Baby Keepsake Library

For the new mom who’s going to want to remember every milestone, this archival-quality library box has room for every memento, with drawers, files, and envelopes to help her preserve everything from treasured artwork to the first lock of hair.

The way this product helps your preserve the cuteness of those small things of your cute loved ones certainly makes it a unique gift for new moms which can make their motherhood memorable.

To buy:  Baby Keepsake Library

16. NeatoBotvac D7 Connected Robot Vacuum

A New baby means less time than ever for cleaning, but also more of a need for a clean home, especially once that baby starts crawling. Take some of the burden off a new mom’s shoulders with this smart vacuum, which has powerful suction to pick all debris off the floor and app-controlled programming so she can set when the vacuum runs, so it’ll never start buzzing and roaring during naptime. The work load it takes off the shoulders of a new mom which has to carry out a huge chunk of daily tasks makes it one of the best gifts for new mums.

To buy: NeatoBotvac D7 Connected Robot Vaccum

17. Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

Whether she’s making dinner, running errands, or working from home, mom is going to want to have her baby close at all times. More than 2,000 new moms have given this wrap a five-star rating on Amazon because it’s easy to use (after watching a short wrap tutorial), uses stretchy cotton and spandex fabric blend to conform to the baby, and, reviewers say, is more comfortable than many other carriers.

This product certainly makes the life of a new mum easy as she can work and take care of her little loved one at the same time. The necessity of this product in a mother’s life makes this product get into list of best gifts for new mothers.

To buy: Boba Wrap Baby Carrier

18. Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack

This chic and roomy bag (that can be disguised as a backpack!) is complete with removable stroller clips and a mini changing mat, making it the ultimate carryall for diapers, wipes, and so much more. Besides the roomy interior that has a ton of pockets, including a zipper on the front that allows for easy access to wipes, this super-mom diaper bag includes two key leases—one for keys and one for pacifiers, of course. The way it eases a mother’s life makes it a good gift for new moms.

To buy:  Dagne Dover Indi Diaper Backpack

19. Blue Apron Gift Card

Your foodie friend is likely to spend more time in the nursery than the kitchen. Make it easy to reignite her love of cooking with a gift card to Blue Apron. Streamlined, unfussy instructions will let any new mom show off her cooking techniques without the complications, and she’ll appreciate eating something other than take-out. You can help her in cooking delicious dishes with this unique gift for a new mom.

To buy: Blue Apron Gift Card

20. Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

This pretty journal can stay on a new mom’s bedside table so she can jot down her thoughts every day. The book, which spans five years, features writing prompts that will help capture motherhood moments, big and small. 

Motherhood is an emotional yet close to heart journey for every mother. Help your loved one document these precious moments and preserve them forever with this unique gift for new moms.

To buy:  walmart.com

Bonus – Gift Card from Little Spoon

Although this is not directly meant to pamper the newborn mom, it does let her get some extra and free moments away from worrying about what to feed the little ones.

Little Spoon is dedicated to making it easier for parents to keep their kiddos healthy. Get high quality, nutrition-focused products to help keep the newborns healthy and happy, starting with their first bites. The lucky newborn mom who gets this will surely thank you after trying it. Get a gift card, or send a box of baby blends delivered straight to her door!

To buy: Gift Card from Little Spoon


While new moms don’t expect a gift, it’s fun to help celebrate such a joyful occasion. And while she’s likely to be inundated with gifts for the newborn many of which are highly welcome and useful. She will be awestruck that you thought to get something just for her. And with all those sleep-deprived nights and the lack of opportunities for self-care coming her way, there’s no question new moms deserve a special treat.

So take some time to think about what a new or expecting mom needs to feel comfortable, relaxed, and celebrated. Your thoughtfulness can help you find a memorable gift to help her enjoy her most perfect gift of all — her new little bundle of joy.

Childhood is a pretty lovely journey of the little one’s, as they grow up their demands and needs also change. You can check out best gift for teenage boys  buying guide to make their journey more special with lovely gifts.

Hope you guys will enjoy it. Do share the feedback in the comments.

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