10 Best Kids’ Movies on Amazon Prime

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How do you define a fun family time? For me, it is lounging in my living room with a bowl full of popcorn and watching a good movie with my little girl. Amidst this on-going pandemic, as a parent, I am continually apprehensive about sending my 5-year-old for outside play. However, keeping her entertained at home is also a troublesome task. Eventually, she ends up watching silly videos or playing games on the iPad. So, to make the best use of her allotted screen time, me and my husband have started introducing some best kids’ movies to her. And believe me, it turned out to be absolutely fun for her and us as well. 

There are various OTT platforms to watch good movies. But, if you love amazon, try amazon prime and stream unlimited movies and series once you become a member. So if you want to have a fun movie night with your kids that you have been craving for so long, do not worry, amazon prime has got you covered. 

With an extensive range of kids’ movies on amazon prime video, scrolling through all the options to find a perfect movie is a time taking process. And when you have a young and impatient kid waiting for the movie to start, it becomes frustrating. To speed up the quest, I have put together a list of best kids’ movies on amazon prime video to have a good family movie time.

List of best kids’ movies on amazon prime video

  • Ernest & Celestine(Ages 3+)

If you are looking for a good animated movie for your kids, no movie will ever be better than Ernest & Celestine. Nominated for the Oscar for a best-animated movie and a Magritte award winner, this 2012 movie is truly a beauty to watch. Made with utter sweetness and love, this film is derived from the most loved children’s books by Gabrielle Vincent. This movie tells the story of two friends- Ernest (Forest Whitaker), a reclusive bear, and a rebellious mouse, Celestine (Mackenzie Foy). They develop an unnatural bond while exploring each other. From going on a crime spree to proving their unbounded friendship to other animals, this movie is full of ups and downs that kids would be fascinated to watch. 

  • Stuart little(ages 4+)

He is smart, enthusiastic, a ‘can do anything’ guy, and he is a mouse. Another great story by E.B. white, about a mouse adopted and raised by the littles, a human family. As he embarks upon exciting adventures with various characters, including his nemesis, Snowbell- the cat, Stuart learns about loyalty, family love, and friendship. Exciting live-action with innovative visual effects and an amusing storyline, this movie will truly be adored by you and your kids. 

  • The secret of NIMH(ages 3+)

If you are a fan of the animation great Don Bluth, you might know that he made his directorial debut with this perfectly animated 1982 fantasy film The Secret of NIMH. Derived from Robert C. O’Brien’s novel, it tells the story of a mouse Mrs. Brisby who will do anything to protect her children from every danger. Confronted with various characters like house cats, intelligent rats, and eldritch owls, this movie clearly displays the heroism of a mother that connects every child and parent emotionally. Combined with beautiful animation and an engaging storyline, this movie will create a special impact on you and your kids.

  • Jumanji (ages 5+)

My favorite movie as a child that I would be super excited to watch with my daughter, is the best adventurous movie ever. It is a 1995 film that is still adored by over 1,500 amazon reviewers has clearly stood the test of time. It is a movie for kids to watch and use their imaginations to a different level. The story of the movie is about a game that transports its players to the mysterious jungles of Jumanji.

As the game proceeds, there are new challenges on every step that players have to face to escape the jungle. Combined with the best thrilling effects and an amazing cast, this movie will take your kids on an exciting ride that they will cherish forever. 

  • Wonder park(ages 4+)

The best movie for your kids to learn how to imagine and implement. Made with innovative visual effects and a solid storyline, wonder park is one of the most under-seen animated movies of 2019. Although most families could not watch it in theatres, all thanks to amazon prime video, it has got a second chance. It tells a story of a creative little girl- June, who builds a theme park with her natural engineering talent and makes it literally come to life.

As the story unfolds, new challenges and enthralling events come together to entertain. A perfectly balanced movie with a straightforward story entertains an audience of all ages. 

  • Home alone(Ages 5+)

It is the best Christmas-themed movie that is enjoyed by the audience of every age group. Released in 1990, this movie led to the birth of the famous “home alone” franchise, which further produced two more movies. Home alone centers on a little boy Kevin who is accidentally left alone in his house, by his family. When he discovers that he is on his own, from washing clothes to fighting with burglars, he does everything very smartly.

It is a super fun movie to watch that also has an emotional angle when little Kevin starts missing his family on Christmas. Filled with hilarious events and funny characters, this movie is surely a must-watch for every family. 

  • Frozen(Ages 6+)

It is nearly impossible that you have children unaware of this Disney smash hit- “frozen”. This Disney flick is full of beautiful princesses, superpowers, a charming prince, and positive messages. It is a story of a fearless young princess who sets off on a quest for her estranged sister, who has icy superpowers. Strong female characters and a unique storyline makes this movie a salute to sibling love. Apart from the story, Walt Disney has, once again, amazed us with its beautiful animation and innovative visual effects.

  • Remember the titans( Ages 10+)

Rated 7.8 on IMDB, this movie may sound like a film about football, but it is about more than that. You do not have to be necessarily a sports lover to appreciate this movie. Remember the titan is an inspirational movie based on a true story that displays a powerful depiction of challenges and struggles faced by a high school football team in 1970s Virginia. Additionally, it reflects the racial tensions and hatred between whites and African –Americans that creates a valuable impact on kids. A well-acted movie with a historical context, this movie is a must-watch.

  • Wonder(Ages 11+)

Wonder is a movie based on the best-seller book by R.J. Palacio that tells the story of a young boy August Pullman. Born with a genetic difference resulting in distorted facial features, this little boy struggles to seek acceptance in society and within. It is a beautiful yet inspirational journey for this little boy to stand out among his peers by finding the lost confidence. Combined with a strong cast and heart-touching storyline, this movie will teach your kids to overlook superficiality, love yourself, and embrace friendship. 

  • Ratatouille(ages 7+)

A 2007 super hit with an 8 rating on IMDB, this movie is a compulsory watch for every kid. Named on a French dish- ratatouille, it is a story of a rat “Remy”, who dreams of becoming a chef. Going beyond his family’s wishes and facing obvious challenges to fulfill his dream of being a rat, this story keeps on getting entertaining with time.

The movie takes an exciting turn when Remy finds himself in a restaurant by a famous chef, where he got to showcase his extraordinary culinary skills. Filled with laughter and giggles, this movie will teach your kids to chase their dreams no matter what. Apart from an engaging storyline, this movie has animations and visual effects that you will not stop praising.

Now that you have gone through all the recommended movies for kids, I hope you are sorted for your next family movie night. After all, we all crave family time that is full of fun and entertainment. Apart from mere entertainment, all these movies have a hidden lesson to educate kids about things that you can not teach theoretically.

So what are you waiting for? Set up the table with snacks, pull your feet up, and kick-start your family movie night with the best kids’ movies.You can check out our shopping guides to make the best buying decisions

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