10 Best Meditation/ Mindfulness/ Relaxation Apps of 2020

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Why use Meditation apps?

Meditation apps/Mindfulness apps have become one of the easiest and most accessible ways to maintain a mindfulness regimen. Whether you prefer guided meditation, deep breathing exercises, mindfulness exercises, or calming sleep stories, mindfulness meditation can be a huge added benefit to your daily wellness regimen.

Research suggests that the benefits of meditation can include a reduction in stress levels, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. And don’t forget the physical benefits: Mindful meditation and deep breathing can also reduce blood pressure and improve your heart rate variability, a metric that can tell you how well you handle stress. According to studies sleep meditation can calm your mind and help you get a more quality night’s sleep.

List Of 10 Best Meditation Apps – 2020 :-

Calm App

Price : $70 annually with a seven-day free trial

What do you need to work on? Anxious thoughts? Lack of focus? A stressed-out psyche? Calm’s guided meditations have you covered. More than that, though, the app really focuses on teaching you a variety of tools and using different modalities to help you stay centered throughout the day-to-day.

What makes Calm app stand out from the crowd are their wellbeing offerings that go beyond their already impressive meditation catalog. Their newest offering is Calm Body, which are 10-minute guided videos that teach gentle stretching to help you unwind. One of the best features is “Sleep Stories,” which feature bedtime stories read by the soothing voices of celebs (like Matthew McConaughey).

 Get it Now : https://www.calm.com/

Insight Timer

Price: Free

Insight Timer offers more than 45K free meditations—that’s a big deal, as one of the biggest complaints about other apps is their lack of free content. The library allows you to filter by need, time, or specific benefit. If you’re just getting started, opt for the seven-day free course on how to meditate. You can also join the community of fellow mindful folks for free.

 Get it Now : https://insighttimer.com/

Headspace : Meditation & Sleep

Price : $13 monthly with a seven-day free trial, or $70 annually with two-week free trial

If you’re the type whose mind gets lost in worry (or flooded with to-do lists) the minute your head hits the pillow, then Headspace should be your go-to meditation app in 2020. This relaxation app provides breathing exercises, sleep meditations, and wind-down exercises. The screen is dimmed, so there’s no blaring, headache-inducing bright light to worry about.

While the app is free, you’ll want to take advantage of the subscription in order to access the all-important sleep casts, to help get your mind ready for sleep.

 Get it Now : https://www.headspace.com/

Ten Percent Happier Meditation

Price:  $100 annually with a seven-day free trial

Based off of the popular book by ABC news anchor Dan Harris, this app will teach you the how-to behind meditating, in a fun, easy, and accessible way. It’s suited for anyone, but especially those who think they’re “not the meditation type” and can’t find the time to start a meditation practice.

You’ll be lead through short on-the-go meditations designed to be listened to whenever you can fit them in (like during your commute). Try to see how many consecutive “Mindful Days” you rack up: with time, these moments of calm will come second nature.

Get it Now : https://www.tenpercent.com/

Stop, Breathe & Think Kids

Price: You can access more than 20 activities for free. Premium memberships are $10 monthly or $59 annually

Designed for children and adults, anyone can use this meditation app daily to learn to calm down, work through mood swings, effectively learn to deal with negative emotions like disappointment, and sleep better with mindfulness games.

This mindfulness app has adorable animations and rewards with virtual stickers to reinforce all the work kids are doing. Ultimately, tapping into this app on the regular—the activities are short and sweet—will help build resilience and teach them to manage what’s getting under their skin, skills that they’ll take with them for life. You can also do the activities with them. Guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two, too.

 Get it Now: https://www.stopbreathethink.com/kids/


Price: $30 annually

What’s going on with you now? Right now? Whether you’re grabbing a minute in between to-do’s at work, taking a walk, boarding a plane, or dealing with overwhelming feelings, this app has a targeted meditation (over 200 of them) waiting for you.

It’s super easy to use—you can create your own “wheel” of meditation practices for quick access when you need them. Each one lasts four to 30 minutes, so you can find time to meditate no matter how swamped you are. As you advance in your skill, you can use their timer to meditate on your own without guidance. This is one of the best meditation apps  of 2020 available in the market.

 Get it Now: https://buddhify.com/


Price: After a 1-week free trial, $8 per month or $60 per year

If you have five minutes, you have enough time to meditate. Unplug excels in guided meditations, but also allows you to self-direct with unobtrusive timers and ambient sounds. Because just a few minutes are required, it’s great to use when you need to refocus and distress during the workday. Want to commit? Tackle their 30-day challenge to make meditation a daily habit for the long-haul.

 Get it Now: https://www.unplug.com/

Simple Habit

Price: $12 monthly, $90 annually

No matter your meditation goal—to boost self-confidence, shake off anxiety, get over a breakup, or simply be present—Simple Habit has a large library of meditations, all cataloged and easy to find. You’ll love how each meditation is very specifically titled, making mindfulness something you can turn to for any occasion.

One of the big perks of their premium subscription is that you can use the app offline, which makes catching a few minutes of mindfulness even more accessible. It may even be necessary for your mental health, too. The app offers special meditations designed to help you overcome panic attacks or lessen stress.

Get it Now: https://www.simplehabit.com/


Price: $108 for lifetime use

Meditations, chants, mantras from Sanskrit scholars: This app is for serious Zen seekers only. Sattva is one of the most comprehensive mindfulness apps. In addition to guided meditations led by the top experts in the industry and mental wellness high-fives like trophies and progress trackers, Sattva taps into your physical health too. It’s equipped with a heart rate monitor and a mood tracker, meaning you can see in the palm of your hand the effects of your practice on your health.

 Get it Now: https://www.sattva.life/subscription/


Price: $10 monthly or $59 annually with a free seven-day trial

The actual Inscape is a meditation studio in NYC with sound and smellscapes designed to instantly transport its members to tranquility. But the app has just the same effect, and you don’t have to take the subway. It offers the usual suspects: guided meditations, custom sleep sessions, stress reducers, and the like. But where Inscape sets itself apart is with playlists. Categorized by life’s moments (Tinder Troubles, Overcoming Your Fears, Study Chill), each little melodic meditation has your back.

 Get it Now: https://inscape.life/pages/app

Meditating is not designed to stop your natural thinking process. The idea of being able to magically stop our thoughts from happening isn’t realistic, instead, acknowledge the thought, let it go, and return to your breath. By focusing on our breathing, it will ground you back to the present moment. It’s practice, and that helps us as we leave the meditation and go out into life.

So this is all for the list of best Meditation/ Mindfulness/ Relaxation Apps apps of 2020 to keep you all calm in this stressful time of pandemic where stress levels are at an all-time high. You can check out our list of best rated face masks of 2020 which can keep you safe and secure if  you step out of the home amid this pandemic.

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