9 Best Mesh WiFi Routers of 2021

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The present scenario has made us all too much dependent on our home Wi-Fi networks. From binge-watching to doing virtual meetings, a good Wi-Fi network has become a basic necessity in everyone’s life. But having a good Wi-Fi network around is not enough. In fact, it is more important to make your Wi-Fi reach every corner of your house. How frustrating is it that you want to do a virtual meeting in a noise-free area of your house, but you cannot connect? 

Typically, there are two ways to extend your Wi-Fi range and performance- using range extenders and multiple access points. Although Range extenders do a great job of supplying network in dead zones, they only provide half the bandwidth. Multiple access points on the other hand offer more bandwidth but a wired connection has to be set up with the main router. And both the options create a new network SSID that has to be logged in by you every time you move from one area to another inside the house.

If you are a networking genius, all this will look like a cup of tea to you, but if you are completely new to networking, you might be left worried and confused. Fortunately, there is option number 3, installing a Wi-Fi mesh router. By upgrading your basic Wi-Fi router to a mesh Wi-Fi router, you can easily get rid of this problem. To eradicate the dead zones in your house and to improve the performance of your Wi-Fi network, a mesh Wi-Fi router uses range-extending satellite devices and multiple access points spread throughout your house.

While searching for the best mesh Wi-Fi router, you will find many of them after endless scrolling through different online shopping sites. But to select one of the best is a tough job. So here are some parameters according to which you can easily decide which one to buy and why.

How to choose the Best Mesh Wifi Router?

  • Easy setup: Setting up a new network in your house is often hard, but it does not need to be. You should be easily able to get your whole house on the internet in a maximum of half an hour with the best mesh network.
  • Good speed:  Do not go on the speed of the router that is mentioned on the box. Test it yourself to be sure of the speed parameter. Always go for a fast mesh router and simply dismiss the slower ones.
  • Good range: A good mesh Wi-Fi router should be able to reach every corner of your house, including the trouble spots. It should have a good range and should be able to bypass all the obstacles like walls and appliances. 
  • Low latency: Slow internet truly sucks more than no internet. It is always very annoying to wait for things to happen while you are doing some important work. That is a real patience check. So the mesh router you choose should be able to minimize the wait no matter how busy the network is.
  • Multiple Ethernet ports: Multiple Ethernet ports on a mesh Wi-Fi router let you connect multiple devices such as TVs, set up boxes, and gaming consoles separately from the base unit. It gives your devices unfettered access to your house internet with maximum bandwidth. 
  • Expandability: If you are moving to a bigger house, or you discover new dead spots in your house, it becomes frustrating when you can not extend the range of your wifi router because it does not have a provision for it. So always check if your mesh Wi-Fi router is flexible enough to allow you to add more nodes to it to extend and improve the range in the future. 
  • A fast processor: Always look for a mesh router with a fast multi-core processor and extra RAM. To handle multiple connections and provide upgraded performance, the router must have a speedy processor, although many manufacturers do not even mention it on the box. 
  • Price: Finally, the price- an important parameter. You can easily get a good mesh Wi-Fi router at a price as low as $80 and as high as $1000. But expensive routers do not necessarily mean they have good performance too. So you have to look for a mesh router that does not cost you much and provides excellent performance. Right now, if you pay around $300, you can get a good mesh router with incredible performance and features. 

What are the Best Mesh Wifi Routers?

1.The Fastest mesh Wifi router-Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8)

If you are currently using a faster internet connection or if you want to upgrade to the one, Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8) is the right option for you. It is the fastest mesh Wi-Fi router that also includes extras like WPA3 security and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility. It is a tri-band mesh WiFi router system with unusual antenna placement to deliver a strong WiFi speed of 6600Mbps to every corner of your home. It also offers 3 steps of easy setup with the use of the ASUS Router App. So if you have already invested in a fast internet network and need a powerful mesh Wi-Fi network to handle that high bandwidth, the Asus ZenWiFi AX (XT8) is a match for you. 

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2.The Best overall mesh Wifi router-Nest Wifi

If you want the best mesh Wi-Fi router that is actually the best network solution available, Google’s Nest WiFi router is the one you can get. It consists of two Wi-Fi routers with a total coverage area of up to 4400 square feet. It offers superb performance with the capability to handle 200 devices at a time and a dead-easy setup process. The Nest Wi-Fi routers are expandable to deliver Wi-Fi coverage that can handle everything from a small home to a large bungalow.

With a built-in Google Home smart speaker in every mesh extension and a super-compact unit, the Nest Wi-Fi mesh network has something, other mesh networking kits do not have. It also lets you control every connected device such as TVs, lights, and even the router itself with voice commands.

If you add additional Nest extensions to it, you can easily add new Google smart Home units in other rooms also. It will provide you with a separate voice assistant in your room. And the bonus part is that you can use an old Google WiFi system to extend the mesh coverage. Is not it great? So if you want the most reliable and most simple mesh WiFi network solution for your home, this is it.

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3.The Smallest mesh wi-fi router- Eero pro 6

If you want an easy Wi-Fi solution for your large home that will cover every corner without leaving dead spots, the Eero pro 6 mesh router is the best router for you. The Eero Pro 6 is a pack of three routers, that can cover up to 5,000 sq. ft. of the area with wifi speed up to 900 Mbps (wired connection) and 500 Mbps (wireless connection). Each router is equipped with 2 ethernet ports to allow multiple connections and is super compact to hide away easily.  

With an easy setup by installing the Eero app on your smartphone and whole Wi-Fi 6 coverage, Eero pro 6 also features automatic up-gradation and gets better with time. You will also have an option to connect your Eero router to any Alexa-compatible devices so there is no need for a separate smart hub for your home.

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4.The Best mesh Wifi router with the best coverage –Netgear Orbi Pro WiFi 6 

If you are looking for a networking kit with the longest range and the best coverage, the Netgear Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 is surely the one. It comes in a set of two routers offering a total coverage area of 6ooo square feet that is expandable to 18000 square feet by supporting a maximum of 6 satellites- which is excellent. With the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology and 12-stream Tri-band Mesh, Orbi pro 6 offers binding speeds up to 6gbps to make bulky downloads and video conferencing.

The Netgear Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 serves up leading performance with a strong signal punched through ceilings, floors, and walls. So if you are looking for the simplest and fastest Wi-Fi mesh-networking kit in the market, the Netgear Orbi pro WiFi 6 does the trick with excellent performance. It is particularly best for those homes that have lots of walls. 

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6.The Most Stylish mesh WiFi router – TENDA MW6 NOVA

We love the stylish Tiny white cubes that make up the Tenda MW6 Nova system that is also good in getting Wi-Fi coverage all-around your home. Although it does not match the top speeds, its competitors can offer, this is still one of the best mesh network kits in the US.  Tenda MW6 Nov also offers an easy to use guest mode to keep your guests away from your main equipment. It comes with straightforward parental controls and provides support for Amazon Alexa control too. So if you are worried that a mesh router will alter the beauty of your home, Tenda MW6 is surely the stylish one.

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7.The Best mesh WiFi router in the budget-  TP-LINK DECO P9

The best price is only one of the reasons we like the TP-Link Deco P9 WiFi mesh-networking kit so much. Other than that we love the fact that it is flexible enough that allows you to use mesh Wi-Fi alongside Powerline networking. It enables the internet signals to travel both ways-through the existing wiring in your house and through the air.

The TP-Link Deco P9 is an affordable mesh router that gives you plenty of flexibility while trying to get good Wi-Fi speed in every corner of your house. It impresses us with the super capability of blanketing your whole home with your Wi-Fi network.

It offers an easy set up with a TP-Link app that is simple and straightforward to use. It also lets you prioritize devices and allows you to cut off the kids’ internet connections when it is bedtime. It is an all-rounder mesh wi-fi router that definitely deserves a place in your home – particularly considering the excellent price.

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8.The Most powerful mesh WiFi router-AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs

With an extraordinary coverage range of 10,000 square feet, the AmpliFi HD WiFi System by Ubiquiti Labs certainly tops our list of most powerful mesh Wi-Fi system. It is embedded with the latest 802.11AC technology to provide excellent speed and easy 4k streaming.

Apart from a WiFi router, the AmpliFi HD kit also includes an easy-to-use touchscreen digital display and two MeshPoints to enhance coverage and eliminate all the dead zones in your home. It also comes with an easy to use app that allows you to set up the Amplifi system in just 5 minutes. Designed by Ubiquiti Labs- a global leader in developing Wi-Fi-related systems, this Amplifi HD kit really impresses us with its sleek and sophisticated design to suit anyone’s needs. 

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9.The Besh Wifi mesh router for large homes- The Linksys Velop 

The Linksys velop WiFi mesh system includes three tower-style mesh units to offer excellent coverage to larger homes. This three-pack networking system is capable of covering a 6,000-foot home with ease without any additional devices. And with daisy-chain support, you can extend that coverage away from the main unit as far as you want. An extraordinary wide coverage and excellent flexibility make Linksys Velop, one of the best mesh WiFi system for larger homes.

However, there are a few downsides to it. For starters, the inclusion of a ZigBee radio but Linksys has never enabled it for the users.

Another one is a lack of physical connections on the three Velop towers. Each tower is embedded with two Ethernet ports, but there is no USB connection to them. That makes it more difficult to use this mesh system with a printer or any other network-attached storage. 

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Now that you have gone through all the best mesh WiFi routers, we have recommended for you, we hope it has become easier for you to choose the best one. After selecting the best ones for you, there are still many others in the market that are reasonably good but not the best. So keeps your anxieties aside and get ready to enjoy a bufferless binge and worry-less working with the best mesh Wi-Fi routers. Do check out our detailed shopping guides and make the best buying decisions according to your needs.

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