9 Best Smart Doorbells of 2021

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Remember the time before caller ID when you had no idea who is on the other side of the phone? Sometimes it was your grandma, and sometimes it was a telemarketer you could not avoid at your dinner time. But when the caller ID got introduced, it was not a problem anymore. You could easily decide either to pick up the phone or reject it by seeing exactly who is calling. Would not it be great if there was a caller ID for your front door also?

How often have you hidden behind the front door, trying to be as still as possible to look to see who it is? You cannot know who is on the other side unless you peep into the door hole. Whenever there is an unexpected knock on your door, you wonder who it is, why is there someone at this time of the day, or whether you should answer the door or not. This is when a smart video doorbell comes into the picture.

Smart video doorbell, the first line of security for homeowners, not only lets you see the person outside but also lets you speak to him. It also records footage of the visitors that knock at your door when you are away. It is an easy way to safeguard you and your family against theft, home invasion, and even undesired solicitors. A smart video doorbell helps you to identify who is at your doorstep before even opening the door. From streaming live video to your phone to offer cloud video storage, these devices operate through wifi to provide many features.

So smart video doorbells are great for convenience- they are great for security as well as a smart upgrade to that front door. But choosing the best one is not always simple. 

What to look for while choosing out of the best smart doorbells?

  • Wired or wireless: When trying to buy the best smart video doorbell, you must decide whether you want a wired device or a wireless model. Wireless smart video doorbells that come with replaceable batteries are a little easier to install. The only downside to wireless smart video doorbells is that they tend to be bulkier than wired ones. If you have an existing doorbell wiring, a wired smart video doorbell is the right choice as it will tap into the power supply you already have installed. 
  • Digital assistant enabled: Do you want your smart video doorbell to get controlled by your smart home devices and digital assistants? The doorbell should be digital assistant enabled. A digital assistant enabled smart video doorbell will allow you to ask your iPhone Siri, Alexa, or google assistant to show you the person on the other side of your door. 
  • Night vision and video quality: Consider video quality a major parameter before buying a smart video doorbell. Most video cameras available now are relatively high in video resolution of 720p, which is perfectly adequate. But video resolution of 1080p will be sharper and more clear. Also, check that the smart doorbell camera you are looking at has night vision. A smart video doorbell that only works in daylight is not a realistic choice unless your front door is well lit.
  • Video storage: Finally, another important parameter to consider is video storage. Some smart video doorbells store video clips in a memory card, while others offer chargeable cloud storage. Cloud storage for your videos is always a wise option to consider. It is relatively secure and allows you to access content from anywhere.

A lot is going on with the best smart video doorbells – excellent things are happening. They keep getting better and better.

Which are the best smart doorbells?

  • The best overall smart doorbell –  Arlo Video Doorbell                 

We love Arlo Video Doorbell because of its HD camera and 180- degree viewing angle. It is our top pick because it is smart in the real sense. Along with the great hardware and fast response, it is the only model that can easily determine the difference between an animal, vehicles, packages, and people. This way, it also keeps false alerts—an issue with many other doorbells—to a minimum. It also offers a feature called Arlo foresight to help you see events before they actually happen.

It also allows you to store your video clips in a smart hub to access them from anywhere. Also, it is friends with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With a night vision camera and built-in siren to ward off unwanted visitors, this Arlo smart doorbell is the best one for you. But this kind of advanced sensing comes with a price. You need to pay $3 to get Arlo smart subscription to enjoy these features and record video clips that are 5 mins long. But if you want your doorbell to do a little more than motion/bell alerts and live streaming, the price is completely worth it.  

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  • The best smart video doorbell with zero subscription fee-Eufy wired Security Video Doorbell 

If you are looking for a  subscription-free option for your smart doorbell, we recommend Eufy wired Security Video Doorbell. Most of the features it offers are free of cost, while many other companies charge from them. It allows you to store up to 30 days worth of video in its large internal memory. Like Arlo, it can also distinguish between people and other motion but at free of cost. However, Arlo has a better sensing capability in this area.

Although Eufy does not offer as wide a viewing angle as Arlo, it creates clear recordings of a maximum of five minutes after the motion is detected. Eufy also has a built-in storage capacity of 4 gigabytes and a chargeable Eufy cloud service to store your clips at $3 per month. As Eufy is a wired model and extracts power from the existing doorbell wires, it will not work with your existing chime. But it comes with its own wireless plug-in chime, which makes it not really a problem.

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  • The best smart doorbell with the best design-Ring Video Doorbell Pro(wired)

Although the Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers many smart features like that of the standard Ring doorbell, the best thing we love about it is its sleek design that perfectly fits in your doorframe. With a camera resolution of 1,080p, the ring video doorbell also offers two-way audio so that you can speak to the person at the door. Like the other Ring doorbells, by using the ring app, you can customize the motion zones and see who is at the door at any time.

It extracts power from existing doorbell wiring to work properly, which prevents you from the hassle of battery changing. The ring video Doorbell Pro is also capable of integrating with your other smart home devices like Amazon Echo or Alexa. If you want to save and share video and photos, you can opt for Ring Protect Plan, whose subscription is sold separately. Although the ring video doorbell is a little expensive, it is completely worth the price with various helpful features. 

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  • The best smart video doorbell in the best budget- The Zmodo Greet(wired)

Are you looking for a smart video doorbell that is inexpensive and fits in your budget? Here is when the Zmodo Greet steps in. A great device that is sleek, pretty stylish, and it will only cost you pretty little as well.

Available at this price, there are some compromises you might have to make with Zmodo Greet, but it still delivers decent features. It has a camera resolution of 720, a little less than other doorbells but perfectly fine for many people. Like other doorbells, Zmodo Greet also comes with an app that will notify you about any motion nearby.

The camera is infrared, which is perfect for night vision. Although Zmodo Greet does not offer all the smart features as those expensive ones offer, it does stand out with an exclusive feature of free cloud storage of 36 hours, that no other doorbell has. And if that is not enough for you, sign up for a cloud storage plan of 7 days or 30 days. We are sure that Zmodo Greet is not an amazing doorbell to have, but for $80, it is pretty good. 

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  • The best smart doorbell for advanced security- Google Nest Hello(wired)

If you are looking for the most advanced smart video doorbell, we highly recommend Google Nest hello. Unlike most smart video doorbells, it has the capability to record and store your video clips 24/7 at 1600×1200 pixels. It uses Google cloud service for easy access and automatically tags clips using facial-recognition software. This will help you to learn and identify the people who are coming and going over time. However, these smart features and comprehensive approach comes with a price.

Essentially, to record and store video, you will have to subscribe to Nest Aware. It costs $6 a month if you want to store video for 30 days and $12 per month for 60 days or 24/7 recording for 10 days. Although the operating costs are much higher than other smart doorbells, you can still save some bucks if you pay annually. 

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  • The best smart wireless doorbell- Ring Video Doorbell 2

The ring is a popular name in the list of smart video doorbells for a while now. We love the Ring Video Doorbell 2 mainly because it is wireless. Although it can be hardwired, it also has a battery pack to use wirelessly. Ring video doorbell 2 is surely a godsend for people living on rent and cannot hardwire a doorbell on the property. 

Apart from the great wireless feature, the Ring Video Doorbell 2 possesses a 1,080p camera with two-way audio so that you can talk to the visitors even when you are not home. The camera also includes a motion tracking feature to set motion zones. Doing that will avoid unnecessary alerts caused by irrelevant movement. 

In general, the Ring video doorbell is the best wireless smart video doorbell that works great for most people, but there are some downsides. Like other smart video doorbells, the Ring video doorbell 2 also offers video storage that you have to pay for to access it. Plus, the ring doorbell 2 unit is a little bulky.

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  • The Best wired smart doorbell-August Doorbell Cam

The August Doorbell Cam comes with a nice design and a smart app, but great camera resolution and two-way audio are the features we love in it. August is a popular brand known for its highly-smart locks. Other than locks, it also makes smart doorbells like the August Doorbell Cam. 

With plenty of the features that all smart video doorbells have, August Doorbell Cam is a great choice for anyone. Like other smart video doorbells, it also has a nice camera with a video resolution of 1,280 x 960 pixels. It also has a microphone and a built-in small speaker for two-way audio. Like Arlo’s smart video doorbell, it also offers Hindsight, a smart feature that shows you 10 seconds of video before the motion is detected.

We can also say that the camera is always recording. Once the motion alarm is triggered, it will play 10 seconds before the detection. This means that the video clip will be much more accurate that will help you to foresee the events.

The August Doorbell Cam is also compatible with your other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and many more. Plus, it is wired, so it offers easy installation with the existing wiring. 

Thus it won’t be wrong to say that the august Doobell nearly has everything anyone would ever look for in a smart video doorbell. However, there are a few downsides. Unlike other smart doorbells, it does not let you set motion zones. It is also a bit expensive when it comes to getting cloud storage for your video clips. You will have to pay $5 per month or $50 for a full year to get your video clips stored in the cloud for 30 days.

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The best smart video doorbell brings a great change in your lives. No longer will you have to pull yourself off the sofa to accept a courier or ask the pizza guy to leave your Pizza on the doorstep. No longer will you have to rush to the door from the garden when you are relaxing. No longer will you have to answer the door when you are eating. In fact, no longer do you even have to be present at home to answer visitors. So make your life easy with these best smart video doorbells and answer your door from anywhere. Do check out our detailed shopping guides and make the best buying decisions according to your needs.

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