Best Soundbars under $200

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These days Flat Screen TV Speakers suck!

I mean you have this beautiful brand New TV and the view is perfect but….

The sound that comes out of it is wanting.

This is where the Best Soundbars under $200 come to the rescue and make life much better, use one and see your TV come to life.

Soundbars are excellent because they are powerfully packed into a single compact woofer. The cool kids are calling speakers like that. A soundbar is not required to spring on a costly, hard-to-configure, surround sound system; you may just plug in and listen to one speaker and sometimes a subwoofer.

The $200 range of best budget soundbars is highlighted below; however, that does not mean you must sacrifice the quality of sound or bonus features such as Bluetooth connectivity, digital surround sound, and external subwoofer. Indeed, you can find a top-rated soundbar with all the bells and whistles around the $200 price point.

List of Best Soundbars under $200

  • Vizio V-Series 2.1-Channel Sound Bar


Vizio V-Series 2.1-Channel Sound Bar

The best soundbar under $200, period.


  • Speaker configuration: 2.1
  • Claimed audio power: 25W/20W
  • Connections: USB, Analog, Optical, HDMI ARC, and Bluetooth.

The 2.1-Channel soundbar of the Vizio V-Series is live proof of not having to pay more than $200 for a soundbar. But it is practically impossible for Vizio to cut some major corners at such a low price. The result is a soundbar, which may not be full of features, but offers sound quality in one real area.

The 2.1-Channel soundbar from Visio V-Series comes with a subwoofer that connects wirelessly to the bar. This is another black box with a power button on the back and a lower port. You have little to do with the subwoofer except to find a place to place it and connect it, then it will connect automatically to the bar and it can be forgotten pretty much.

The soundbar is good for viewing shows and films and just listening to music in a variety of contexts. Whether you were looking at something like Avengers: the end-game, or something like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the soundbar gave you well-separated audio in sufficient detail to keep things interesting. Whether it was an explosive and powerful thing.

Vizio has been a champion of budget and middle-range for over a few years, and the 2.1 Channel soundbar of the V-Series is a good illustration of why. It’s a soundbar that doesn’t make any sense, but you can’t do better if you have a budget of less than $200 and want to get your TV built-in speakers.

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  • Sony HT-MT300

Sony HT-MT300 Soundbar

It’s a little older, but this is still the gold standard in affordable 2.1-channel soundbars.


  • Speaker configuration: 2.1
  • Claimed audio power: 25W/20W
  • Connections: USB, Analog, Optical, and Bluetooth.

Many people want only a soundbar that works and sounds great and that’s exactly what Sony’s HT-MT300 entry-level sound like. You will get a compact soundbar for $200 / £200, which will fit almost any home stage, and a wireless sofa, which you can use under your sofa to feel the bass.

There are two parts for the Sony HT-MT300 soundbar: There is a compact soundbar measuring 50 x 5.4 x 10.3cm (W x H x D) and a fine subwoofer under your couch that allows you to feel any sting or explosion.

With both films and music, the Sony HT-MT300 soundboard is well above its weight – especially when viewing films in action scenes and even at moderately low levels. The HT-MT 300 managed to rattle up to 75% with the subwoofer during the Interstellar rocket launch.

Also from the Sony HT-MT300 music sounds good, though we wanted to have a wider and immersive sound stage. In the soundbar, the two woofers are very close together, so when it comes to stereo separation, physics works against the soundbar. The Sony HT-MT300 is mostly a winner, keeping it easy and focused: the sound and user-friendliness. 

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  • Roku Smart Soundbar

Roku Smart Soundbar

The Roku Smart Soundbar will improve your TV’s audio issues and outdated smart platform


  • Speaker configuration: 2.0
  • Claimed audio power: N/A
  • Connections: USB, HDMI 2.0 Out, Optical, and Bluetooth.

The Roku Smart Soundbar attempt to fix two of the biggest problems with an elegant solution for TV owners who suffer from long-term problems – terrible audio and outdated smart TV interfaces. Other manufacturers, such as JBL and Anker, are trying to solve problems with products such as the JBL Link Bar and Nebula Soundbar, but Roku’s model is the only model to offer Roku TV.

The Roku Smart Soundbar is a quite basic 2.0 soundbar that pulls it out of the box. There’s a front mesh hiding the drivers around the front of the soundbar and a matt-black plastic ceiling with a Roku logo. 

We believe that the soundbar performs decently well for its price and design. It does not have any problems getting loud and filling small or medium-sized rooms, and the amount at any point does not crack or distort. It has elegant workmanship that is clearly a step-up from 10W television speakers, but the sounds that are just a few hundred dollars more lack clarity and dimensionality. It can be added by combining the Smart Soundbar and the Roku Smart Subwoofer(179.99$) with the Roku TV Wireless Speakers (199.99$), but that’s a big investment for a system with Dolby Atmos not in place.

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  • Vizio SB362An-F6 Soundbar

Vizio SB362An-F6 Soundbar

Impressive sonic upgrade for your TV, at a bargain-basement price.

  • Speaker configuration: 2.0
  • Claimed audio power: N/A
  • Connections: Analog, Optical, and Bluetooth

The SB362An-F6 – also called the “36-inch 2.1 Sound Bar” on most retail sites – really is a feature of its pure value for the money. The value in the UK is just £149, and in the USA it was launched at the end of the previous year even more competitive at $99.

The SB362An-F6 is neat, 36-inch wide, 2-inch high, and 5.2-inch deep despite its price on the business basement (914xx52x133mm). It is conveniently located beneath most TVs, and Vizio also includes a couple of wall-mount brackets. 

The soundbar is home to four main drives inside the main unit, with two full-range 2.6-inch (67.8mm) woofers and two 3.0-inch (76.2mm) subwoofers, although two passive radiators provide additional backup from the subwoofer to enhance bass roar. Some people might prefer separate tweeters to handle higher frequencies and voices, particularly in order to listen to music using the soundbar – but the low cost of the SB362An-F6 means that a trade-off is needed in this regard. 

Sometimes these passive radiators get somewhat carried away. The bass over rumbles instead of keeping them tight and accurate. And, when we change to Bluetooth, the lack of tweeters reveals some weaknesses in some of the high-pitched Queen’s harmonies on Someone To Love. However, it is handy to have this Bluetooth option, and the SB362An-F6 is fine to listen to only a few tunes when the heatwave collapses on the couch.

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  • Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS-108 Soundbar

Yamaha’s basic soundbar has everything you need at a price that’s hard to beat.


  • Speaker configuration: 2.0
  • Claimed audio power: 30W
  • Connections: HDMI, Analog, Optical, and Bluetooth.

While this is a bit basic, Yamaha YAS-108 is a strong choice for people who are looking for basic two-channel soundbars, especially in the middle classes, with good sound quality.

It’s surprisingly compact and yet offers a lot of clarity, why people love it. Complement Bluetooth and Alexa integration with the result that most people have a strong entrance level bar. Naturally, it would be better to have a meatier bass and a multi-cast external subwoofer, like the rest of the Yamaha lineup, but under $200 per pound, we’ll take what we can.

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  • Creative Stage v2 Soundbar

Creative Stage v2 Soundbar

The Creative Stage v2 is good for small-sized rooms.


  • Speaker configuration: 2.1
  • Claimed audio power: 30W
  • Connections: HDMI, Optical In, 3.5mm jack, and USB-C

The Creative Stage v2 is a perfect choice for anyone in the market for a soundbar for their little studio or even a school dorm. It is quite compact, features a subwoofer, and is definitively better than the speakers on your TV. Furthermore, this upgrade to your viewing experience is affordable for a little over $100.

Why is it not higher, then? It’s too small to fill a medium-sized room properly, and it’s really best for watching TV shows with plenty of dialogue. Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to listen to music with a smartphone, yet you have less audio quality.

Then there is the idea that the Creative Stage v2 can be used as an office speaker system that can function in some way. However, it’s quite a lot to sit on your desk, compared to two satellite speakers which could instead be placed next to your monitor. Briefly, the Creative Stage v2 has a great deal to do and a few things to improve.

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  • Roku Streambar Soundbar

Roku Streambar

A half-sized soundbar plus a 4K HDR streaming device all rolled together


  • Speaker configuration: 2.0
  • Claimed audio power: N/A
  • Connections: USB, HDMI 2.0 Out, Optical, and Bluetooth.

The Roku Streambar tries to be an affordable upgrade of your TV speaker by combining 4K streaming, clear dialogue, commercial sound leveling, and the ability to stream music via Bluetooth with Spotify Connect or your phone.

Does that bring about? Well, most of the time. A huge update on the built-in TV speakers has been the sound quality offered and, even if we felt there was no strong bass response, the Streambar can be remedied by connecting to Roku’s subwoofer and rear speaker kits which are all wirelessly connected. That adds up to the overall cost, but the Streambar is if you want a fragmented solution that sounds good right outside the box.  

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When it comes to buying a soundbar, here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Size: The soundbar’s size should be determined by the size of your TV. You do not want to have a broader soundbar than your TV, and you don’t want anything so small that the quality of your huge 4K TV doesn’t match.
  • Bluetooth Connection: You need Bluetooth if you want to play music from your iPhone seamlessly without an AUX or coaxial cord. These days this is a pretty standard feature, but be sure to check before you buy.
  • Power: A soundbar in the midrange generates between 80 and 200W power. Whilst watts are not a perfect sound quality indicator, they should be taken into account.
  • External Subwoofer: You should definitely consider something with a subwoofer if you have the room (and no neighbor in the bottom). This is particularly important if you plan to use your new music soundbar.
  • Different Sound Modes: There has been a long way to go in technology, and many modern soundbars offer different ways to easily optimize for music, dialogue, games, and more.
  • Compatibility: Although many of these soundbars go hand in hand with anything that you have a TV or smartphone, make sure that you use your chosen soundbar if you roll with Apple. Google’s same thing, Android’s and Alexa’s paring.


If you still aren’t sure that you will spend $200 on the soundbar, consider it — The movies cost approximately $10 on average. Add popcorn, snacks, and a beverage to the cost, and you look at almost $20 per person. You could have a high-quality, smart soundbar with great sound at the price of a handful of film trips, in a price range that you can’t say no to.

We know that last year, too, you missed some theatre visits. Turn your home viewing experience into one of the seven fantastic soundbars for less than $200.

That’s all for the list of Best Soundbars under $200. You can check out our shopping guides section to make more such well informed buying decisions and save huge money on online and offline purchases

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