8 Best Space Heaters of 2021

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Chilling winters and work from home norms are forcing more and more people to stay indoors. And as temperatures are dipping with each passing day across America, it must have become very uncomfortable for you to sit in your room with chattering teeth. Here is when the space heaters come into the picture.

A portable space heater is like a box full of summer in the winter season. To chase away the winter blues and to keep you nice and toasty in your room, a space heater is a helpful home appliance. It is a fast way to induce a powerful boost of heat indoors and even outdoors. A space heater uses electricity to warm a heating element that can be made up of coils or ceramic and other materials like infrared quartz bulbs. 

What are the different types of space heaters?

Space heaters are broadly divided into three categories based on the heating method they use.

  • Radiant space heaters.  Radiant heaters directly heat objects or people in front of it by quickly turning electricity into radiant energy. As they are fanless and designed with no moving parts, they are silent. That also means they are highly durable. However, they get hot and can be a fire hazard, so one should avoid them while sleeping.
  • Convection space heaters. Rather than warming the object nearby, convection heaters heat the air inside the room. The movement of heat energy is through a fluid, gas, or oil. They work on the mechanism of hot air rising and cold air settling to quietly disperse the heat evenly in the room without a fan. However, they are a bit slow and are also a fire hazard to small children in the home as they get hot to touch.
  • Combination space heaters. Combination heaters use a fan to disperse heat, so they are fast but are not silent. Unlike radiant and convection heaters, they do not get hot to touch, so they are completely safe. However, due to fans, they can dry up your skin while making an annoying noise.

What to look for in the best space heater?

  • Sufficient safety features: According to the National Fire Protection Association, Space heaters can be dangerous. They can be potential fire hazards, so always look for any built-in features like protective grills or auto-shut-off to minimize the chances.
  • A 1,500-watt output: Since watts equals power, and for higher heat output, a space heater should have a higher wattage. In recent years, lower wattage models of 750 watts have become portable for small rooms and offices. No doubt they are lightweight, portable to heat small offices and rooms. But you will never find them as efficient as 1500 wattage ones. So why settle for less when you have a better option? It is always wiser to invest in a space heater that has at least 1500 watts output capacity.
  • Fast heating up speed: The sooner a space heater can warm a room, the better. Oil-filled radiators are slow and take more than an hour to heat the room completely. So it is better to choose a space heater like the ceramic ones that start pumping out hot air almost instantaneously.
  • Quiet operation: Combination heaters make enough noise, which is unpleasant. So it is better you choose radiant or convection space heaters if you are concerned about the noise it makes.
  • Small size: An electric space heater should be compact enough to work well without using too much space. It is also very convenient to carry a small space heater while traveling and to store it easily in a closet in the summers.
  • Pretty in looks:  Either you keep your space heater in your room or your office, it is important to consider their appearance. While some are really pretty but some are outright hideous. So choose the one that compliments your room decor as you will be living with them for months, and it should be something nice to look at.
  • A carrying handle: Check if the space heater has a handle or not. With a handle, you will be easily able to move it without burning your hands, whether in-use or recently turned off.

What are the best space heaters?

  • The safest space heater- Vornado VH10

Vornado VH10 space heater has surpassed almost all other space heaters in speed and total power but what we love about it is the amount of safety it offers. It features an automatic shut-off system in case of overheating to enjoy worry-free use. It also has a plastic exterior to keep it cool to the touch. Vornado VH10 is also good in delivering an instant temperature increase and ensuring that the heat gets evenly spread across the room through vortex air circulation.

It also offers an adjustable thermostat to set your room temperature according to your comfort. The VH10 is also quieter than other ceramic heaters, making only a soft fanlike sound. It is lightweight and compact enough to sit in a corner. However, it is a little expensive, but with the even heat distribution and the safety it offers, Vornado VH10 is completely worth the price. 

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  • Best cheap space heater- Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

The Lasko Ceramic Heater is our favorite because it is one of the cheapest space heaters and comes from a very reliable company. It heats up faster than most fan heaters and is super compact in size as a loaf of bread. Another best thing about the Lasko ceramic heater is that it heats the area directly in front of it with a focussed stream of hot air. As a result, the Lasko ceramic heater might not be best suited for larger spaces. Although, it is perfect for quickly warming a home office or a small bedroom.

The Lasko ceramic heater is a perfect space heater that comes at a very affordable price and works fine according to most people’s needs. However, it lacks an important safety feature of an automatic tip-over kill switch. Also, look-wise it is not the best option to consider.

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  • The best oil filled space heater- De’Longhi full room space Heater 

If you are looking for a space heater whose heat can last for a longer period of time, then oil filled radiators are the best choice. Unlike most space heaters that deliver quick heat to a single person, oil-filled radiators heat the whole room. De’Longhi oil-filled radiator is surely the best of a kind. It offers a relatively slower speed in heating the room than a ceramic heater but it retains its heat for a longer period of time. That makes it more energy-efficient and making the room cozy for long.

It has a burly, all-metal construction that makes it more durable than other space heaters with a plastic body. But that does not mean you will have to compromise upon the looks of this heater, this De’Longhi heater is more attractive than any other oil-filled radiator. Although it has a metal exterior, it is cooler to the touch that makes it safe for children.

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  • The super sleek space heater- Vornado OSCTH1

The Vornado OSCTH1 stands out in our list of best space heaters for its stylish appearance. But it is not the only feature we love about it. Another best part about this is the rare oscillation feature it offers. Unlike other space heaters that blast the heat straight, it oscillates to fill up the room with an even airflow.

While it is a little slow as compared to other Vornado models, the constant arc of motion provides more comfortable and consistent heating throughout your room. Look-wise also, it looks great in a sleeky sci-fi sort of way, that will be a treat to your eyes every time you are in front of it. It also features touch screen controls that are super easy to use. It also offers a tip-over switch for overheat protection.

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  • The best noise-less space heater- Dyson Hot + Cool Jet Fan 

If you are looking for a noise-less yet multi-functional space heater, the Dyson Hot+Cool space heater is the best choice to consider. Although it is a fan heater, it has no blades that make it an attractive and noise-free space heater. It is an efficient space heater with a bladeless design and a real head-turner that operates in two modes- a bladeless fan and a space heater. Both the modes work in two kinds of heat flow settings- Jet focus and diffused air distribution- that you can choose according to your need.

While it offers multiple options to warm up your room, it does not get hot to touch in either setting. With its bladeless design and a tip-over shut off feature, this space heater is a popular pick to use in children’s playrooms. Although the price is quite notable, the Dyson Hot+Cool space heater is a multi-functional heater that justifies its high cost. 

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  • The best tower heater-Lasko FH500 

This 3½-foot-tall Lasko FH500 is the tallest space heater we have found. But do not think that as it is tall, it will take up a large space in a small room. In fact, it is super compact and fits perfectly in any room. It can warm the room quickly and consistently to the temperature set on its digital display. It slightly and steadily reaches the desired temperature and retains it until an hour. The Lasko FH500 is full of sensitive details like an easy-to-navigate control panel along with a matching remote control.

It is operable in three heat settings- Low, medium, and high- to make you comfortable in your own desired heat. It aims for better energy efficiency and saving energy with an “auto eco” setting. As a tower heater, you might have questions about its longevity, but not to worry about this one. It is highly durable and remains as such with its continuous use for years. The Lasko FH500 also has a bonus feature- a built-in cooling feature- to avoid overheating.

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  • The most powerful space heater- Vornado AVH10

The Vornado AVH10 is an upgraded version of VH200, with a few additional features like a digital display, a comfortable cord-wrapping post for simple storage. But we have awarded it an absolute hottest space heater that can warm up the room relatively faster than other models. It also has a countdown clock that begins after turning it off, giving it time to cool down completely for added safety.

The only downside to AVH10 is that it does not distribute its heat as evenly as other space heaters do. Still, it is a great space heater that offers maximum heating power with advanced safety features. 

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  • The most stylish space heater- Vornado VHEAT Vintage Heater 

How good would that be to find a space heater that heats good enough and also looks quite pretty doing it? Do not worry! We have found it for you. With durable metal construction and beautiful retro knobs, it is surely the best-looking space heater. Although VHEAT produces a focussed stream of hot air to heat in-front objects quickly, it does not evenly spread the heat around the space.

It results in a temperature difference in two different corners of the same room. But the heat it delivers directly to a particular part of the room is still remarkable. Overall, the VHEAT is a great choice for people who have an artistic taste and a love for comfort.

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With the best space heater, sitting comfortably in your room, or working conveniently in your office on a chilly winter evening, does not seem impossible. In winters, if you have got heat, you nearly have got everything. 

Now that you have gone through all the best space heaters we have recommended for you, it is easy for you to now pick one that suits your needs. It does not matter which space heater you choose ultimately but, some safety concerns are there, which are common yet cannot be overlooked.

Space heaters are dangerous in an obvious kind of way so never leave them unattended. Also, do not use it with an extension cord or in a bathroom unless designed in a specific way. If you use the space heaters cautiously, it is undoubtedly the best addition in your room to save you from these chilly winters. Do check out our detailed shopping guides and make the best buying decisions according to your needs.


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