Best Wireless Power Banks of 2021

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Are you tired of watching your phone steadily running out of battery when you are nowhere near a power outlet? If yes, you need the best power bank. Although there is no shortage of traditional power banks or backup batteries which come in all size, capacity, and price, a Qi wireless charging power bank is always the best. A Qi wireless charging power bank allows you to charge anywhere, anytime, and anyway, you want.

If you have left your cable at home, do not worry and charge wirelessly. If you need a quick burst of battery power for an almost drained out phone, go for a faster charge. Qi wireless power banks are not as popular as traditional power banks. However, they will keep you on your toes with your phone no matter where you have stepped out to run your daily errands.


With one of the best Qi wireless Power Banks, you can easily relax by assuring that your phone will make it throughout the day. But with so many options available online, how to find the best one? To save you from that endless scrolling, we have selected the best Qi wireless power banks that are highly recommended for you.

Before getting started with that, you need to know about the features they must have to qualify as the best one. it will narrow down the list of the best Qi wireless charging power banks for you. 

What to look for in the best wireless power banks?

  • Small and compact design: while selecting a wireless power bank, you need to consider how it is built, how it looks, and how big it is. Always go for a power bank that is designed in a way to provide sufficient grip to hold your phone in place and is compact enough to fit in your pocket easily.
  • Maximum power and capacity: Generally speaking, more power is always better for a power bank. The higher the capacity, the higher the number of ports you get. But on the pocket-friendly front, you can get a maximum capacity of 5,000 mAh. 
  • Types of input and output ports: To know whether a particular power bank is compatible with the devices you want to charge and the charging speed, you need to understand the types of ports it is offering. The power bank you are looking for should have at least one USB-A- out port, and it should support fast charging output like 12-watts. Power banks with USB-C ports that support both power in and power out are also preferable.
  • Fast charging speed: How fast a power bank can charge your phone is an important factor to consider before jumping to a conclusion. To ensure that your power bank charges your phone faster, your phone needs to have a charging circuit that supports fast charging standards along with the power bank and the charging cable. Make sure all three things have the same standard to enable fast charging. USB power delivery and Quick charge are two main fast charging standards to consider.
  • Compliant with Qi standards: Make sure the power bank you are buying is certified by the wireless power consortium. It means the power bank has been tested and found to be safe under the Qi standards.
  • Reputed maker: Always consider power banks from companies that have a good reputation. It will help you to have easy warranty coverage and customer support. Even if the power bank is WPC-certified, there is no guarantee it will not create a problem in the future. But there should be immediate help available for you in case you need that.

What are the best wireless power banks available online?

1.The best wireless power bank for a desk– Scosche Qi dock wireless power bank

The Scosche QiDock wireless Powerbank is a great option if you prefer a stand-style charger for your desk. It is also the best wireless power bank if you do not require too much portable power as your phone’s battery doesn’t drain out quickly. The power bank perfectly settles into an included dock that can recharge it while holding up your phone safely. Once it is recharged, you can easily detach it from the dock to carry it with you.

Most of the other power banks that are of the same size as Qi dock tends to be expensive and are not certified but it is not the case with this one. It is both strong values and is certified according to wireless charging standards. It is a high-power bank with a 5,000 mAh battery that charges most phones to a maximum of 2 times. It is embedded with two ports: a USB –A port to charge a phone or tablet with a cable and a USB-C port to charge the power bank itself.

Points to note: The Qi dock power bank does not offer fast charging so, it may take a few hours to charge your phone with it. But with its light-weight and compact design, you can easily keep it in your pocket for a long time while it charges your phone.

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2.Best fast-charging wireless battery pack- Aukey wireless charging power bank

If you are looking for a fast-charging wireless power bank, the Aukey Wireless Power Bank is the best match. It comes with two USB-A ports, one with Quick Charge 3.0 to provide fast charging of your devices, and the other offers 12W of power. It comes with an 8,000 mAh capacity and works with a variety of different devices that support Qi wireless charging. It also features easy charging by placing your device on top of it.

It has a USB-C port that can transfer 18W that can be used to charge the power bank itself. Apart from that, it also has a low-current charging mode. This mode is used for devices like fitness trackers or wireless headphones that require 60 mA or below to charge. It is available on Amazon at just $30 that is quite reasonable, keeping the features and capabilities it offers in mind. 

Points to note: Unfortunately, Aukey Qi wireless power bank does not offer pass-through charging. Thus you cannot charge your phone wirelessly and plug the power bank to charge at the same time. Other than that, with wireless charging capacity being capped at 5W, it is slow to charge your phone, but you can use a USB-A port with a quick charge facility for fast charging.

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3.Best designed wireless power bank –Anker wireless power bank

After a long wait, Anker has finally released this wireless power core bank with 10,000 mAh capacity. The Anker Qi Wireless power bank features a conventional design and comes with a USB-C Input and a USB-A output port of 12 W maximum output. It has a non-slip design that consists of a rubber coating on the power bank to hold your phone in place while charging, and it also feels great in the hands.

This power bank also supports pass-through charging, meaning it can charge your phone wirelessly, and it can charge itself through a USB-C port simultaneously. Capable of charging two phones at a time, this wireless power bank offers easy charging by placing your Qi-certified iPhone on the center of the pad.

Points to note: Although Anker wireless power banks offer pass-through charging, the USB-C port in it can be used only for input and not for output. Thus it cannot be used for charging other devices.

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4.Best stylish wireless battery packiOttie iON Wireless Go power bank

Looking for a fashionable yet functional wireless power bank? Other than the wireless charging output of 5W, this wireless charging power bank is also very attractive to look at. A piece of soft feathered fabric in red or charcoal grey color is wrapped around the power bank to give you a luxurious feel and stylish touch.

It can also charge extra devices simultaneously through two wired USB ports. Super compact in design, this power bank also offers fast charging to the Qi wireless fast charge enabled devices. Capable of multiple features and with a super stylish design, investing in this power bank will not hurt your pocket as it is very affordable.

Points to note: iOttie iON Wireless Go power bank is extra light-weight, which makes it easy to be moved or pushed around. So do not keep it on the edges of your furniture to prevent its falling down very easily. 

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5.Best reputed wireless power bank- Morphie wireless power station

Mophie is a popular brand known for its battery cases, but it has also released this 10,000 mAH Qi wireless power bank to boost your battery on the go. With a huge battery output capacity, it will give your smartphone an extra battery of up to 48 hours. It comes with an extra USB port to facilitate pass-through charging by charging multiple devices at the same time. Super easy to use with a sleek and compact design, this power bank is simply value for money. 

Points to note: The only downside to this morphine wireless power bank is that instead of charging through a USB-C port, it charges from a Micro-USB port.

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6.Best overall wireless power bank- RapidX Myport wireless power bank 

This is our favorite wireless power bank, and there are reasons why? It is a power bank that works as a charging station as well as an extra battery for your phone with a power capacity of 10,000 mAh. Combined with a USB-A port and a USB-C port that offers a charging capacity of 18W, this power bank is 100% certified under Qi standards. It also offers fast charging with its USB-C port and works with nearly all iPhones and Android devices.

It also offers wireless charging of 10W output capacity that enables fast charging of your phone wirelessly. Designed with a rubberized matte finish to give it a stylish and classy look, the RapidX Myport wireless power bank is the complete package for you.

Points to note: Although we love RapidX Myport wireless power bank, there is one feature it lacks at. It does not support pass-through charging, but you can always charge multiple devices at a time by using USB ports.

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7.Best wireless power bank with high capacity-HOKONUI wireless power bank

Hokonui wireless power bank is known for its huge capacity of 20,000 mAh, which is the highest among all power banks we have talked about until now. But it is just one thing that interests us. In fact, the fast charging capability of this power bank also fancied us. This Qi wireless power bank is a combination of a 10W fast charging Qi power bank and a 5V fast charging PD power bank. Offering 50% more wireless charging speed than other brands Qi wireless power banks, this power bank has 5 outputs and is capable of charging 5 devices simultaneously.

Its huge capacity of 20000mAh can charge your iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9/S8 up to 6 times, which is enough for daily use and traveling purposes. It comes with an exclusive fast-charging technology QC 3.0 Tech to charge your devices up to 80% in 40 minutes, which is approximately 4 times quicker than a standard USB output. It also has a compact size and sleek design that fits perfectly in your pocket to use on the go.

Points to note: Although Hokonui wireless power bank is undoubtedly the best wireless power bank for traveling purposes due to its huge capacity and fast charging, it is a little heavy to carry. But it is quite stable and does not easily move with a soft touch.

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Now that you have gone through all the best wireless power banks of  2021, it is time for you to enjoy the freedom of charging and stop seeing “Low Battery” displayed on your phone again. The wireless power banks we have recommended are compatible with all phones and devices to make life easier for you. So stop feeling anxious about running out of power and select the best Qi wireless power banks to top up your battery life and keep going without cables. You can check out our shopping guides for more in-depth shopping guides to make the best shopping decisions.


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