How to organize your digital life? – 6 Best Tips

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Did you watch Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up on Netflix? Well, I did and really loved it. After watching it, I had already decided to tidy up my life. After several months of shaving down my unwanted belongings, I started feeling happy living in a neat and clean home.

Then I opened my laptop to do some work, and I realized- what kind of mess is this? Well, in the process of making my physical life tidy by folding clothes and washing utensils, I completely forgot about the clutter I had created in my digital life. My desktop was full of unused folders, my hard disk was a mess, and my mailbox was full of irrelevant emails. My pen drives were unsorted. My pictures were stored randomly. In short, I had a nightmare that day. And I can not even get started on the muddle my phone was.

That day, I realized one thing that other than having a physical life we do have a digital life. When we see our room untidy or a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen, we have no choice but to clean it. However, our digital life is contained in our phones and laptops, so we don’t notice how dirty they are.

So after researching a lot about transforming my digital life, I have come across some very helpful tips that you can also follow to organize your digital life. 

1.Start with de-cluttering your documents

  • Just like the way you clean out your closet, first, make a pile of all your documents. After that, evaluate your need to keep a particular document one by one by asking yourself- do you need it? Will you miss it once you delete it? Once you go through all your documents, say goodbye to those that are no longer needed. 
  • Take a look at your hard drive. Keeping your hard drive loaded with unnecessary documents can resist you use your laptop smoothly. To clean your hard drive, there are various programs available for your Mac or PC like Clean My Mac and Clean My Pc that will automatically scan your drive and search for duplicate files and hidden items, and the files you do not need anymore. 
  • Do not forget to empty the recycle bin once you are done deleting your stuff.
  • When you are done whittling your documents, it is time to organize them in a manner that they are easily accessible by you. Keep them together in a folder on your hard drive to avoid looking for them every time you need them.  

2.Trim your collection of photos

  • Do you get annoyed by a warning pop up on your computer telling you your storage is full? Well, the culprit is your big collection of photos and videos that hog your space more than anything else. So go through your photos one by one and delete the ones you do not need like, the blurry ones, the ones of your feet or sky or groupies where you are not visible. Select the best one from the repetitive ones, clicked in different poses yet same background.
  • Once you are left with relevant photos, organize them into folders according to date, location, event, or any other category of your choice. Then upload all your photos on a cloud drive to free up space on your computer. Once they are uploaded on a cloud, they are easily accessible, and if something misshapen with your computer, all your photos will be completely safe out there. 

3.Tidy up your social media

  • Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are the major social media apps everyone loves to use. But while scrolling down your Facebook page, have you ever noticed that there is a majority of news feeds, you do not even care? Well, your Social media is truly messed up.
  • Start by going through your friends’ list and liked pages on Facebook. De-friend the ones who are not very close to you. Unlike the unimportant pages. Doing this will refine your Facebook page and, you will get updates from only people who matter to you the most without spending much time on the application.  
  • Once you are done with your Facebook, start un-following people on Twitter and Instagram. This will give you just the updates and pictures that are important to you.

4.Regulate your inbox

  • As you check your physical mailbox every day, your digital inbox also needs to be regularly checked and maintained. To do so, develop a habit of checking your inbox daily and sorting them. To organize your emails, you can create folders and if you use Gmail, you can set up your inbox to sort your mails automatically.    
  • When opening your inbox, do you find hundreds of newsletters coming to you every day? If yes, your inbox is clogged. Newsletters are the biggest culprit behind making your inbox untidy. The best way to clean it is to go through all the subscriptions and newsletters and check if they are important to you or not. Get rid of the feeling “I may need these newsletters later” and start unsubscribing. If there are some newsletters you want to keep, update your email preferences to receive fewer emails from that particular site. 

5.De-clutter your mobile phone

  • Manage your apps- I always had this never-ending urge to download every other application on my phone that I got attracted to. Eventually, my phone got clogged with too many apps that I ultimately stopped using. Not just me, many of us get trapped in those shiny and new apps but do not realize that they are unnecessarily sitting in our phones taking up all the space. So start deleting them. Before doing so, determine if you need a particular app or not by asking yourself- “have I used this app in the last few months”. If the answer is ‘yes’, keep it, else push it away. Once your phone is free from this app’s clutter, develop a habit of downloading an app for a day or two, rather than downloading them permanently, and when once it serves your purpose, delete it right away.
  • Say no to notifications- Please! for god’s sake, turn off those notifications. It is so annoying to hear a beep or see a lit-up screen every time there is an activity on your social media or any shopping app. You can always check them later to keep updated but, there is no point in making your phone cluttered with tons of notifications.
  • Organize your Whatsapp messenger- Whatsapp is one of the most-used apps on our phones. Being the most convenient way to communicate, it is also the most cluttered app on your phone. Extra-long chats and multiple groups are the main culprits behind it. The best way to clean your WhatsApp is to go through every chat and delete it right away if you do not want to keep it. Exit those groups created temporarily for someone’s birthday party or a road trip and delete the chats too. Mute all your group chats to prevent multiple notifications. Set up your WhatsApp to download media manually to avoid clogging your phone space with unnecessary forwards.

6.Tidy up your internet browser

  • Last but not the least, I recommend tidying up your internet browser too. Get rid of those numerous bookmarks and that long browsing history. If you browse daily, make it a habit of deleting your browsing history weekly. Delete the bookmarks you do not need anymore. Once you do this, your browser will have only those sites you use almost daily. All your daily work will be at your fingertips, and you will become more focused.
  • Avoid distractions like checking your social media or any new mail while doing your work. Opening too many tabs on your internet browser at one time not only creates clutter but also diverts your attention. Limit yourself to the sites you want to work on and close the ones which are only distracting you. after doing this, your productivity will be skyrocketed and your efficiency will reach another level.  

 Now that you have gone through these 6 simple tips, I am sure you will easily organize your digital life. But, always remember, once you do all the tidying up, it is important to make it a routine. Unless it is done regularly, there is no point in tidying it up in the first place. Just like the way you clean your house regularly, some regular digital cleaning is also necessary. Whether you do it once a week or once a month, depending on the mess you create, set up some time to go through your digital clutter. You can also put a reminder on a calendar in case you tend to forget doing it. Once you do that, you will be surprised to see how organized your digital life has become. You can check out our shopping guides to make the best buying decisions.

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